A Conversation with Symmank Drywall — A J. Patrick Homes Contractor for 29 Years

J. Patrick Homes is celebrating 30 years of exceptional homebuilding this year, and many of the people who worked with the company in its early days are still there today. Here’s a look at one who was there early on and is still there today — Clarence Symmank and family.

Raised on a farm in the country, Clarence Symmank did what many of the other young men did in his town when it was time to get a job — move to Houston and work construction.

For Clarence, this was 1959 and his chosen specialty was sheetrock. It’s a choice — and a 29-year collaboration with J. Patrick Homes — that has sustained three generations of Symmanks.

“Years later, I had my own company and was doing work for a large local builder,” Clarence said. “I started working for J. Patrick Homes right after it launched. The owner hired my company to work on the first homes and we’ve been there ever since. J. Patrick Homes is the only builder we work for.”

Clarence stays active with Symmank Drywall — and at 83-years-young says he plans to continue doing so — but son Allan Symmank runs the company now, joining his father 44 years ago while he was still in high school. Allan’s daughter Amanda Symmank was brought on 13 years ago to handle the office work.

“She’s super-smart and an Excel wizard,” the proud pop says.

In addition to working with family, Allan’s many years at Symmank Drywall have been enjoyable because of the people he works with.

“Tracy Migura was my superintendent and a wonderful guy,” Allan said. “Then came Bo Banowsky and we ended up being friends — it makes the job so much easier.”

Allan said the owners of J. Patrick Homes will stop by jobsites and never hesitate to talk and shake hands with the crew.

“Sweaty, dirty hands — it doesn’t matter,” he said.

“We try our best to take care of J. Patrick Homes because they have taken care of us. We have a good quality of life — I’m spoiled.”

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