Unless you have a natural knack for interior design, decorating your home can be hard — especially with an overwhelming amount of choices. Visiting a model home — essentially design magazines brought to life — can help. Our model at 1906 Royal Oak Drive in Sienna is an exceptional display of how a floor plan, design choices and décor blend to create a home that is as livable as it is beautiful. This is the last of three blog posts that dive into the features of this amazing model home, possibly uncovering some ideas you can embrace the next time you build, remodel or decorate a home. Let’s take a look at the trending décor found in this home.

Unifying Design

Successful open-concept common spaces have distinct areas — sitting area, a place to eat, the kitchen — that still remain aesthetically cohesive. It’s a fine balancing act, as you use décor to visually create these defined spaces and you use décor to create unity.

One of the easiest ways to create unity is to use one type of flooring throughout, which is what we’ve done in our Sienna model home. A single paint color is used on the walls. A complementary color — navy, in this home — is repeated in the window treatments, accent pillows and accessories. The warm wood tones of the family room’s tabletops blend nicely with the dining room table and kitchen cabinets. Black metal is used throughout — from the stairway to the table legs, pendant lighting and kitchen faucets. White dishes shown in the glass-front cabinets complement the white sofa.

The white, navy and warm tones are purposefully repeated throughout the home.

Upscale And Comfortable Do Go Hand-in-Hand

This model home is well over $1 million, and while it looks every measure of its price tag, it is still inviting — no one would be hesitant to sit down and relax. The interior design accomplishes this in several ways:

  • Plush seating in neutral colors with large accent pillows
  • A calming combination of white walls, warm wood tones and black metals
  • Wood and rush stools tone down the elegance of the modern waterfall island to make the space more inviting

Having Fun

Home design is meant to be expressive and should show the owner’s personality. Our Sienna model demonstrates a variety of ways you can inject fun into the design of your home, no matter the price range. Meant to be one of the most functional areas of a home, the laundry room can also be fun — which can maybe lighten the load of laundry duties. Word art — whether framed or a as a standalone accessory — is an easy addition. Containers for dryer sheets, laundry pods or other necessities can be interesting and decorative.

Game rooms lend themselves to fun interior design — pick a theme and carry it through. In our model, the theme was simply “games.” Combine your wall art and lighting for an interesting feature.

Children’s bedrooms are another avenue for expression. In this model home, we imagined one young resident to be the next Tony Hawk.

Three Ideas to Walk Away With

Even in a model home, there can be a lot to take in. To help out, we’ve narrowed down the many décor trends found in our Sienna model to three that you can add to your own home design aspirations:

  • Warm stained cabinets and complementing accessories
  • Gold plumbing and hardware
  • Tufted furniture

All of these point to the biggest trend in home design right now — tradition. But whether you want to follow trends or not, your home should reflect you. Create a space that makes you feel comfortable and that you’re happy to be in. After all, home is your haven. And if we’ve offered a little inspiration along the way, we’re happy to do so!

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