From India to Houston, the Ravals Complete their Journey to a J. Patrick Dream Home

J. Patrick Homes has sold thousands of homes during its 30+ history. We’re taking a moment to speak with J. Patrick buyers to see why J. Patrick Homes is the builder for them.

Being from India, Darshana and Piyush Raval had no idea how to purchase a home in the U.S. — much less build one from the ground up.

That turned out not to be an issue.

The Ravals moved from Abu Dhabi to New Jersey in December 2018, then transferring to Texas six months later. The family of four rented an apartment while they researched homes, builders and communities online. Deciding on Aliana, they met with J. Patrick Homes’ Sales Professionals Jerry Lange and Nancy Mozingo who were very helpful.

“We were not even two years in the U.S. and not aware how everything works,” Piyush said. “There were no issues. They kept us informed, told me how things would work and supported me a lot.”

He also found J. Patrick Homes to be very accommodating in making changes to their selected floor plan. In all, the family added about 300 square feet to the 4,200-square-foot design.

“We wanted to increase the game room, some of the bedrooms and the kitchen,” Piyush said.

Construction on the home started in September 2020 and the Ravals moved in this past February.

“My wife had a dream when in India about buying her dream home in the United States. She got her dream home. She says she’s never going to move.”

Darshana also says she likes the ceiling heights of both floors, which create a sense of spaciousness in the home. The open floor plan was another must-have.

As for Piyush, he says that it isn’t just one thing he likes about the home — he likes everything.

“We love everything here,” he said. “We got a corner lot, the backyard is excellent and everything is fine in the house.”

Plus, he can’t say enough about the superb customer service he received from not only Jerry and Nancy, but also Paul Kettler, the Construction Manager.

“I was happy with the support from each and every person.”

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