Get to Know Majestic A/C — Keeping J. Patrick Homes Cool for 25 Years

J. Patrick Homes is celebrating 30 years of exceptional homebuilding this year, and many of the people who worked with the company in its early days are still there today. Here’s a look at one who was there early on and is still there today —Chris Pine.

Building on a legacy started by his grandfather and father, Chris Pine of Majestic Air Conditioning has watched his company grow through customer service and innovation — something that aligns perfectly with long-time client J. Patrick Homes.

Majestic A/C has been installing air conditioning systems in J. Patrick homes for 25 years, and while his company has moved from primarily new construction to mostly servicing existing systems, Pine said he will always keep the new construction component of his business intact — all because of J. Patrick Homes.

“J. Patrick Homes is very loyal to their tradespeople, which is important because when you come in to do a job, you know what to expect and it makes your own work so much easier,” Pine said.

And just as Pine has introduced protocols to make his company more customer-friendly — sending photos of technicians so you know who to expect and sending a link to GPS coordinates so you know when your technician should arrive at your home are just two examples — Pine has found J. Patrick Homes very receptive to new ideas.

“When I suggested installing dehumidifiers into new homes and explained its benefits, they did not hesitate — they said, ‘Let’s do it.’ They are always open to change as long as it benefits the homeowners,” he said. “And when researching the best piece of equipment to give more advantages to the homeowner, they didn’t make that decision based on price, but on quality.

“That’s the kind of builder they are.”

And although many other subcontractors have worked with J. Patrick Homes as long as Pine and his family have, Pine may know a little more about the builder than others — he’s a J. Patrick homeowner. In fact, he’s owned two homes built by J. Patrick Homes.

“The first home I bought was more a matter of convenience — the right price, the right location,” he said. “But when it was time to buy my second home, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There have never been any warranty issues. The quality of work they do makes me happy to say I’m a homeowner and that I work with J. Patrick Homes.”

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