Meet D&E Plumbing — Installing Plumbing for J. Patrick Homes for 28 Years

J. Patrick Homes is celebrating 30 years of exceptional homebuilding this year, and many of the people who worked with the company in its early days are still there today. Here’s a look at one who was there early on and is still there today — Dennis McGill.

Dennis McGill says J. Patrick Homes is a wonderful company.

And he should know — he’s been providing residential plumbing services for J. Patrick Homes for 28 years.

Dennis McGill, owner of D&E Plumbing, was introduced to the plumbing business more than 30 years ago after he married his wife, the daughter of a plumber. His father-in-law taught him all about service work, commercial installation and remodeling work, but when Dennis decided to branch out on his own, he opted to specialize in residential plumbing.

While working for another builder all those years ago, Dennis met Tracy Migura, who became J. Patrick Homes’ second employee about 29 years ago. When the plumber they were using didn’t meet their expectations for quality home construction, Tracy knew just who to call.

“I had worked with Dennis previously and knew his skillset and work ethic,” said Migura, now Vice President of Construction for J. Patrick Homes. “D&E was geared up for the residential market and fit in nicely with our workflow. It’s been a long relationship and he’s been taking care of the needs of J. Patrick Homes’ buyers ever since.”

Tracy — who calls himself “old school” when it comes to homebuilding — and Dennis both agree hard work is what counts.

“My company started from one neighborhood to what it is now — 44 employees and close to 200 subcontractors working on homes all around the greater Houston area,” Dennis said. “We’ve grown from hard work, customer service and being honest — that means everything in plumbing a good quality home.”

And while Dennis contracts with other homebuilders, he particularly enjoys working with J. Patrick Homes.

“They build an outstanding home when it comes to quality,” Dennis said. “Plus, many of their employees and contractors have been there for years, so it’s nice working with people you know. It smooths the process and you can trust what the others are doing.”

Dennis says D&E Plumbing hopes to continue its long-standing relationship with J. Patrick Homes.

“I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in this business over the years and can tell you that loyalty matters,” he said. “You stay with the people who brought you to the dance.”

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