Starting Traditions Behind the Walls

Now more than ever families are seeking comfort and reassurances. Imagine how comforting it might be to be surrounded by love and blessings as long as you live in your home.

Behind-the-walls messaging is a meaningful way to commemorate your new space and is becoming a tradition for many new homeowners. These messages are unseen, written on interior studs, sub-floors and staircases before they are covered with sheetrock or floors.

These messages can take many forms. Many families like soon-to-be J. Patrick homeowners Jessica and Clayton Crum write Bible verses throughout the home, surrounding themselves with blessings and reminders. Funny notes, reminders of special dates such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays and well wishes for the babies who will someday be ensconced in nurseries are all traditions that can build a strong foundation for families.

Writing messages also can be an opportunity to involve family and friends in the process of building your new home. Many people have house-signing parties. People are invited over, handed a marker and asked to write messages to the new family. Once the house is built, those same friends will remember what they wrote when they gather for a house-warming party.

Writing a behind-the-wall message is just one custom families may want to engage in while their home is being built. One fun tradition is to drop lucky coins into the forms of the foundation before it is poured.

No matter what tradition you feel will best commemorate the construction of your new home or become a conversation piece when friends and relatives come to visit, make sure you set up a time with your J. Patrick builder so you and your family can do so safely. Start making memories in your new J. Patrick home. It’s as easy as grabbing a marker.

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