Dear J. Patrick Homes

Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts. This is my 3rd house to build in the last 15years. Jerry and Scott were our sales guys who took all the time that we needed to answer our questions before we broke ground. Jerry was very informative. Scott, taking over while Jerry was out for medical leave, stepped in and was very helpful and took the time with us during the construction of our new home. Chad, our builder, was very professional during the entire process. When I had questions and concerns he was very prompt in meeting me at the house to answer all my questions.

Chad took the time and made sure that all the crews were doing the best job. I was very pleased to see how he made sure the house was clean after every stage of the building process. After we closed we had a few minor items to be addressed and Chad was on top of this until it was completed. My wife and I are very happy with our new house and we know we have a well built home, thanks to Chad Noska.

Leigh and Chris S.
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I wanted to take some time and Thank you both for building my home. I know I have high expectations, while this is going on! Now it’s all over and done I wanted to hug you guys! You guys did great job in getting this house together. Lots of changes and You both handled it well. I wanted to thank you!

Venu M.
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I wanted to inform you that my wife and I were very impressed with one of your sales representatives last Thursday evening—Rhonda Salveski.

Recently, we have transferred to Texas from North Carolina. While in corporate housing, we have visited several neighborhood developments in Spring, Tomball and The Woodlands. When we walked into The Woodlands Creekside Park model home, Rhonda made us feel right at ease. Her expertise helped us to understand how property taxes differ between neighborhoods—something no other agent has clearly explained to us before.

Even though we arrived almost at closing hours, Rhonda stayed late to answer our many questions. In addition, she took time to show us details in the J.Patrick Homes which were not obvious at first glance, such as the high quality of the custom cabinetry. Her professionalism was further displayed as she took time to discover what would work best for our family’s needs.

Her passion for J. Patrick Homes and for truly connecting with her clients with personalized attention, left a lasting impression on us. So much so, we felt you should know what a treasured representative you have in Rhonda. She definitely made us feel valued.

Brian & Jane C
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

It was an absolute pleasure building a home with J. Patrick. Your commitment to quality homes and happy clients is top notch. I wanted to personally say thank you for your kindness during a very difficult time in my life. You worked with me through the closing process and worked to finish the punch list into the first few months of living in my new home. For that effort and generosity, I am very appreciative.

Stephanie C
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

My name is Ashley McNierney-Moore and my wife, Afton, and I recently purchased a house with J. Patrick homes. We recently moved to The Woodlands because of my wife's new job. For the first year, we rented in order to save up for our families first home. We weren't sure if we were going to buy a previously owned home or build. After researching previously owned homes, we decide on building. We receive and brochure at The Woodlands information center where we could find all of the new building in the area.

The first day of looking we met with several other builders and gained a great understanding of the process. The second day of our search, I walked into the model home of J. Patrick builders. As I walked through the front door, I was first met by Gina, the sales representative for J. Patrick Homes. After a few minutes of showing me the model, I knew that J. Patrick was right for us. From the start, Gina was informative, nice, and made the building process seem easy. That night I told my wife I found us a house that would be perfect for our first home. We decided her next day off; she needed to come see the model house.

The next visit we were fortunate enough to meet Louise, as my wife looked at the model for the first time. Louise informed us on all of the floor plans as well all of the options that we could choose from. Louise was amazing, as she informed us on the different pricing options to see if it was in our price range. She was the only sales rep. that took the time to do that for us. That night my wife and I decided that we would choose J. Patrick, and start the building process.

The next couple of months seemed to fly by so quickly! From the start of the contract to the closing of the house was 5 months. Throughout the entire process, Louise, Gina and Danny (the builder) made the building of our house go seamlessly. At any time we had any questions or changes that we wanted to make, it was dealt with in a quick and timely manner. It was amazing watching our house be built step by step, I couldn't imagine doing it any other way

My wife and I love our new home. Our house is more than we could have ever imagined our first house being. Louise, Danny and Gina made the process of buying a house simple and easy, we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help us build our first home!

Thank you again,
Ashley and Afton M
The Woodlands
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that both Louise DePaep and Gina Prentice provided our family with during our home purchase process within the last few months .

Louise has been outstanding in understanding what our needs were and adapting the solutions we were looking for in a timely and responsive manner. Gina was instrumental to get things done quickly and always open to help no matter what.

Both of them were responding emails and phone calls, even during the weekends or on their days off, which makes it even more impressive, sacrificing their own time to satisfy their client.

Both of them are very knowledgeable about the product they are selling and seemed genuinely interested in helping us find the right solutions to our needs rather than just being focused on making a quick sale.

Additionally, the final product itself (our dream home) has surpassed all of our expectations.

I will have no doubt in recommending J. Patrick Homes to future buyers, especially if Louise and/or Gina are involved in the sale processes. It is with no doubt I can say that J. Patrick Homes has put together the best team that can make the customers feel respected and valued.

With kind regards,
Guillermo S.
The Woodlands
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

We are just totally thrilled with the house & beyond excited!!! Everything looks amazing! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You, Gina & Danny have all been awesome! Jeff & I will be forever grateful that you helped us build our dream home (and that you pulled through on replacing the green gremlin 😜)!

We do plan on heading back to The Woodlands after we close on Friday but I'll let you know if plans change or if traffic gets in the way!

The countdown is on...!!!!!!

Kim M.
The Woodlands
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

My wife Amanda and I recently bought an Augusta at Washburne Ln. We don’t usually do this but I found your email addresses and we would like to take a minute to give you some feedback about our experience. This is the first "new construction" house that we have bought and we were involved in the entire process as our lot was undeveloped when we put a contract on it. We worked with Ron Howard, Linc Stockton and Marc Hidalgo. Let’s start with Ron who is an excellent representative for J. Patrick. He was more than helpful in the selection process. Ron met with us until we were comfortable with the choices that we made (and we took a while). He gave us insight into things that we would not have known otherwise and we made better selections because of it. He answered all of our questions, responded to our calls and emails quickly and behaved in an honest and open manner throughout the entire project. The end result is a beautiful house. We met Linc and Marc at the Pre Start meeting and they always seemed to be around when we stopped by to check on the progress. Those guys are exactly what a buyer wants from the construction managers. They were great at helping us to understand the plan and visualize the drawings. They answered all of our questions and brought our attention to areas we would have missed without them. Marc is very good at communicating construction plans to people who are novices at reading them. When we noticed things that didn’t seem to be going to plan they fixed it immediately. Link even noticed a potential lighting problem in the kitchen himself and had the wiring moved before the sheetrock went up. Left to me, we would not have seen it until it was too late to be changed. We’ll be grateful for that every time we sit at our kitchen table. Earlier today, Link came by unannounced to replace a window that we didn’t even know was cracked. He did not have to do that but he saw the problem during the walk through and took care of the customer. As far as we are concerned, that says it all about J. Patrick and we want to thank Link personally for his outstanding service.

We are very happy with our new house and grateful to the people who built it. For these reasons and because of these three specific people we are already recommending J. Patrick to our friends and you will be the first builder we call when the time comes to build our next home. Thank you Ron, Linc and Marc. We appreciate it.

Shawn and Amanda G.
Copper Lakes
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure getting to know and doing business with Ms. Louise De Paep and with J. Patrick Homes.
You can be sure we are going to be recommending J. Patrick Homes and Ms. Louise De Paep to our friends that are considering buying a new home at The Woodlands.

Lucía and Luis F. C.
The Woodlands
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I recently walked several of the homes that your company has been building in Copper Lakes. I am one of the original homeowners and have seen many builders come and go in the almost 20 years that I have lived here. Because it is my neighborhood I am always interested in the quality of the construction and the design of the homes being built because those aspects either attract or detract buyers from my area and directly affect the price of my home and subdivision. I was very pleased to see the excellent construction Art and his team have been exhibited in the last phase of Copper Lakes. The sites are clean and safely maintained and the fit and finish of the completed homes is to be highly praised. Your company was not familiar to me prior to this time but I am now able to recommend J. Patrick to others looking for homes in my neighborhood. Kudos to your architectural team for designs that work well, make sense and are functional, and to Art for supervising crews in excellent building techniques. Sincerely, Debbi Kiefer

Deborah K.
Cooper Lakes
Dear J. Patrick Homes,

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with our entire home buying experience with J. Patrick Homes.

It all started when we found the floor plan in Aliana but wanted to build in Pearland since I work here. We were directed to Sedona where we first met Vickie and this was the start to a great relationship. She was always helpful and informative. She gave us options and ideas at every step in the process and never used any pushy sales tactics on us. She responded within one day to every email we sent and helped us build our dream home with her expertise for every option we selected. She showed us different schemes and ideas and spent countless hours with us with extreme patience; she never rushed us or made us feel secondary to another client. She had a lot to do with us building in Sedona. It is repetitive to write what an asset she was to us.

Brian was just as pleasant to work with. He made us feel comfortable and at ease with every step as house got built. Our initial meeting was smooth and informative; he worked patiently with our inspector and corrected every issue that came up during the building. He solves problems and got things done on the first request. He presented knowledge at every step and put us at ease as we saw him at the site daily which gave us much comfort. He is a man of his word; things got fixed just as he said they would be and in a very timely manner. He still checks on us to make sure we have everything we need and have moved in 2 months now.

It is important to recognize and appreciate and reward individuals that do a really wonderful job everyday and represents the company in a very positive manner because those qualities are so rare these days. It is hard to find quality people that genuinely care about their jobs and their clients.

We have been very pleased with J. PATRICK HOMES and yes we love our new home.

Luan and Anh L.
Dear J. Patrick,

I rarely find myself being so impressed it drives me to write a letter of commendation. The fact that you are even receiving this letter is, therefore, testimony to how remarkably enjoyable our home building experience was with J. Patrick in The Woodlands.

After moving back to Houston in 2012, my wife and I worked with our Realtor to evaluate multiple options, including buying a pre-existing home or building. We decided on building, but were faced with the challenge of picking a homebuilder. We selected J. Patrick because you:

  • Had great selection of plans to choose from
  • Were customer- and customization-friendly
  • Offered excellent value for money
  • Came highly recommended by our Realtor

J. Patrick is a premier builder for several reasons but, from my experience, you stand above your competitors in one major area – people.

My wife and I were fortunate to work with Louise De Paep, sale professional, and Melinda Thompson, assistant sales professional.

Melinda’s warm and welcoming personality made our design session a wonderful experience. Melinda ensured we were informed of all the design options available, their associated cost, and when they would be implemented in the building process, in the event we wanted to make future changes. Most importantly, Melinda was very patient and did not pressure us into making any decisions. This made us feel in charge and created a sense of ownership as the customer – a truly special feeling.

Louise deserves special mention not only as our sales professional but also as a J. Patrick employee. Louise did an excellent job of walking us through the various model options, laying out contract terms, and outlining the important steps in the home building process. After signing the contract, Louise kept us informed on a regular basis, addressed our concerns and questions, and helped us (especially as new owners) set expectations on scheduled. Louise also ensured that key stakeholders were engaged in timely fashion for an incident-free closing.

In closing, I also want to make mention of Danny Cantu, project manager, and the great job he did in ensuring our house met all technical and cosmetic requirements prior to closing. Danny is to be commended for his patience, professionalism and coordination.

My wife and I are very happy we selected J. Patrick and got to work with the individuals mentioned above. Your company and your people are the epitome of excellence in the home building industry.

Rhys & Timiesha B.
The Woodlands
Lawrence S. and I (Tammi S.) recently closed on our home in Sedona Lakes. We have been busy unpacking and settling in, however, could not go another day without pausing to communicate to you about what a pleasant experience we have had with Vickie Gillespie and Brian.

Each phase of our selection was made so enjoyable by Vickie. We were always greeted with a smile and a "hug". She exercised patience and did no rush me/us during our decision making process. When we changed our minds or had questions, she was always helpful and knowledgeable. Her actions were always timely and when she communicated with us, she was always professional while making us feel like "family". Having Vickie greet newcomers and home seekers is one great decision that J. Patrick made. She is a jewel!

Brian is also a winner in our book! He met all of our needs timely and was great at the "walk-thru". I’d recommend this team and J. Patrick Homes to anyone looking for great value and a beautiful home.

Lawrence & Tammi S.
Sedona Lakes
I have been meaning to write to you for a while to let you know about the great experience we have had with Linc as we moved into Parc Lake Estates.

We purchased our home in Parc Lake Estates in April and were so pleased with Linc from the start. He was incredibly thorough as we did our walk through and was quick to point out any items that need fixing, even before I noticed them. He was extremely professional and friendly, and we felt good knowing he was overseeing the buildout of the home we purchased.

The thing that stands out to me the most is his willingness to go above and beyond for us. He still periodically checks in to make sure everything is OK and he even helped me install our washer and dryer when we moved in. He is always quick to respond when we need him and the job is always done right and in a professional manner. He doesn't HAVE to do these things- but he does.

He has become a friend to us over the past 5-6 months and we appreciate everything he does so much.

I just wanted to let you know these things, as most of the time, we tend to dwell on negative things. It's not always pointed out when things go so smoothly. He has definitely been a great help to us throughout the home buying process and in dealing with the maintenance. We love him!

Thank you so much for having him on board. We need more people like him!

Natalie M.
Parc Lake Estates
We just wanted to write J. Patrick Homes to say how highly we appreciated working with your Marketing Director. What an excellent choice you have made in selecting Ms. Kitty Davis in Lakemont Shores, Richmond. We definitely would not have considered buying our new J. Patrick home here, if it had not been for her outstanding performance and presentation. We are pleased with our choices of J. Patrick and the services we have received to date.

Building just near your model home here on Pacific Spring Ln, the position of our house allows us to be witness to the endless comings and goings. We have never seen someone working as diligently nor as patiently as Ms. Davis, who almost always arrives early and stays late past the regular hours.

Since we purchased our new home last August, Ms. Davis has been exceptionally helpful to answer our questions as well as facilitated communications with the J. Patrick Customer Service. She has been attentive displaying genuine care about our concerns and worries in regards to our new home.

Thank you for providing us with such a superior home-buying experience, and also continued work with Kitty Davis.

Nancy W.
Lakemont Shores
Brian has a keen mind for the business of building homes and has a very good memory. When we brought issues to him, he made us feel comfortable that they would be addressed. Even after our final walk through, Brian commented on that if we had other issues, that we would be taken care of. I really appreciated the flexibility of knowing that we would not be left out in the cold once we signed our paperwork.

Both Todd and Brian have helped make the experience a positive one and knowing that we can contact you in regards to any specific issues we find, as we are moving in, is a great relief.

Eric C.
Sedona Lakes
Todd has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Both my Wife and myself are first time home buyers. I believe we had more questions and concerns than what would typically be expected. Todd fielded our questions and concerns and basically held our hands throughout the entire process. He never once showed any frustration at our "ignorance" at what it actually takes to build a home.

J Patrick Homes are very beautiful homes and the construction seems of the highest quality, but that is not what made our final decision to buy J Patrick. The final decision was based on the superb service and friendliness that we received specifically from Todd Grady.

If we had questions or concerns throughout the process, Todd immediately took the initiative to get us answers. He did not wait around and sit on our questions and concerns, he immediately set out to get us answers. In today's world and amid growing frustrations with the economy and the seemingly decline of customer service across all industries, Todd is a shining example of what consumer's should rightly expect as the highest level of customer care and service.

I just wanted to send you an email letting you know how impressed I am with the manner in which you keep your new home construction sites. I wish that every builder would be as aggressive as you are in keeping all the trash contained, keeping the streets clean, the lots and job sites clean, adhering to the SWPPP program by keeping your reinforced filter fabric fence up and maintained throughout the process of construction of new homes. Thanks for a job well done!

Pete G.
For some time we’ve wanted to write to thank you for the beautiful home you built for us, but we’ve been enjoying our new home so much that we’ve procrastinated.

The entire process of building a home with you has been a pleasure. From your friendly, open and professional demeanor to the excellent attention to detail, we have felt that the process and our home were in capable hands.

This was especially crucial, as when we began building we were still living out of state. Louise, you went completely above and beyond what we could’ve expected of you by sending pictures of the progress and keeping us informed. We also truly appreciate your availability and graciousness at answering our "new to Texas" questions.

Heather M. and Rafael M.
The Woodlands
I would like to tell you about the wonderful experience that my wife and I have had buying one of your homes in Summerwood. We chose the Biltmore design and Todd Grady was our salesman. From the very beginning, Todd was very knowledgeable and helpful. We were really impressed at his level of knowledge regarding the building of our home and we consulted with him regularly.

Buying a home can be very stressful and overwhelming, but Todd was always right on top of our every concern and was quick with a response to our questions. He responded to hundreds of text messages and emails in a timely manner, even on his days off. He was invaluable to us for the countless choices we had to make, and for some of them we relied solely on his opinion. Being in a customer service industry myself, I can say what a pleasure it is to work with someone so dedicated to quality service.

Once construction began, we worked extensively with Danny Austin. We found him to be no less knowledgeable and helpful. The construction of our home proceeded steadily and orderly thanks to Danny’s oversight. He was there to make sure the quality of the home was up to standard. In the end he worked tirelessly to get us into our home on our scheduled closing date. Following closing he has been very helpful as we settle into our new home.

We really enjoyed the whole buying experience at J. Patrick Homes. We are so happy with the quality of our home. We hired a private inspector and he was equally impressed with the workmanship and quality of the home. We love our new J. Patrick home and would definitely recommend J. Patrick to a friend.

Thank you Todd Grady, Danny Austin and the countless people behind the scenes at J. Patrick Homes.

David and Brenda H.