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Introducing energy efficiency and comfort so extraordinary, it’s platinum

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J. Patrick Homes is proud to offer the Environments for Living Platinum Program, included at no extra cost in every new home we build. Using advanced building science and employing stringent field testing for each home during construction, EFL Platinum is your assurance that your new home meets or exceeds the industry’s most rigorous standards for energy efficiency, comfort and healthy living. Our Sales Professionals are eager to answer any questions you may have on EFL Platinum benefits and features.


A new, green home by J. Patrick Homes is not just better for the environment, it’s better for everyone.

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1. Tight Construction

Special framing techniques and improved insulation systems help reduce internal leaks and drafts.


2. Improved Insulation Systems

Enhanced insulation and framing techniques help minimize voids and gaps, while the use of Low-E glass** and higher thermal properties (R-Value) add increased energy-efficiency.


3. Fresh Air Ventilation

Efficient delivery and filtration systems reduce dust, odors, and indoor contaminants.


4. Right-Sized* HVAC Equipment

Using high-efficiency equipment, multiple, air ducts and return air grilles help circulate fresh air, decrease humidity and reduce energy use.


5. Interior Moisture Management

Using Right-Sized* HVAC systems, multiple air ducts, return air grilles, bathroom and kitchen fans, and mechanical air ventilation helps remove moisture that naturally passes through the home.


6. Pressure Balancing

Return air ducts, transfer grilles or jumper ducts help balance pressure throughout the home, enabling air to circulate more easily.


7. Combustion Safety

Combustion appliances are sealed or power-vented to help avoid the build-up of carbon monoxide, and vent-free fireplaces are not allowed.


*Right-Sized refers to the process of determining which HVAC system should be used in a particular structure. See builder for details.

**This is a feature of Gold and Platinum levels.

J. Patrick for a Healthier Home

J. Patrick Homes has been setting the standard for healthy homes for years, including state-of-the-art technology that safeguards the well-being of homeowners. EFL is one of the critical pieces of our commitment to building healthier homes.

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