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What’s New in Bathroom Design Trends 2024

The most relaxing room in your house is shaping up to be the bathroom. Bathroom design trends this year include wet rooms, biophilic design and more. Here are some of the top 2024 bathroom design trends to help you create an “ahhh-inspiring” bath.

It’s All Wet

At the top of the list of bathroom design trends are wet rooms. What is a wet room? We’re glad you asked. A wet room is a space built with materials designed to get wet. Wet rooms usually feature a large shower space and freestanding tub in their own glass enclosure. Multiple showerheads — including rain showerheads — are a luxe feature. The goal is to allow you to soak up steam and heat for a relaxing experience.

Let’s Get Steamy

A list of top 2024 bathroom design trends would not be complete without mentioning steam showers. Steam showers create hot, high-humidity environments similar to those found in saunas. Exposure to steam has been scientifically proven to contribute to lower blood pressure, allergy relief and deeper sleep. They are also great for relaxing sore muscles after a workout.

Beautiful Bathtubs

The humble tub is getting a makeover and is poised to become the statement piece of the bathroom. Freestanding tubs serve as beautiful focal points and add a touch of whimsey to your décor. Drop-in soaking tubs with gorgeous tile decking is an elegant choice, as well.

Embrace Nature

Biophilic design is all the rage right now. The concept is simple enough, to use architectural features to connect people with nature. Look for opportunities to incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramic and clay into your bathroom design. Loading up the space with plants is another trend, turning an often sterile room into a lush oasis.

Setting the Mood

Bright fluorescent bathroom lighting is a thing of the past. Homeowners are going to be opting for customizable mood lighting incorporating dimmer switches and backlit mirrors. Fun design elements like chandeliers will set the mood and serve as focal points.

Choose Your Color

Colors for bathrooms run the gamut and are more about personal preference than adhering to this year’s trends. Earth colors such as rich browns, burnt orange or muted greens will complement natural materials. Retro hues such as antique blues will highlight freestanding tubs. Bright yellows and pinks serve as mood enhancers while softer colors will help relax bathers.

Let Us Personalize Your Bath

When you build with J. Patrick Homes, you get the power to personalize. That includes your bath. We can help you incorporate the latest trends to create a functional and stylish space that enhances your overall experience.

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