Creating a healthier home for your family doesn’t start with a deep clean. It starts with J. Patrick Homes.

J. Patrick Homes has been setting the standard for healthy homes for years, including state-of-the-art technology that safeguards the well-being of homeowners.

One stand-out feature is the Aprilaire whole-home dehumidifier that is standard in each home.

Why? There’s no getting around the fact that Texas is humid and humidity isn’t good for homes or the people that live in them. Homes with a lot of humidity are more prone to dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma. It can affect wood floors, your paint and odors within a home, as well.

The whole-home dehumidifier is installed as part of a home’s heating and cooling system, allowing it to stabilize the humidity within each room. It comes with a Humidistat that tests the indoor air every hour and, if needed, the dehumidifier turns on to bring the relative humidity down to its target of 55 percent.

Bringing down the humidity also brings down the heat so you feel cooler and don’t need to crank up the air conditioning.

J. Patrick Homes also uses a professional-grade Aprilaire Air Cleaner media filter in indoor HVAC units so there is less dust, pollen, mold spores and bacteria in the air. All bedrooms also have their own return air chase, which makes each bedroom more comfortable and creates a better-balanced system.

It’s a step most builders don’t take but J. Patrick goes the extra mile for the long-term comfort of their homeowners.

The builder doesn’t stop there, either. Each J. Patrick Homes design is constructed following the stringent guidelines of the Environments for Living® Platinum Level program.

Some requirements of the program include fresh air ventilation systems, tight construction to reduce internal leaks and drafts, improved insulation including the use of low-E glass windows, right-sized heating and cooling systems and pressure balancing to allow air to circulate more easily.

What does this mean for homeowners? A J. Patrick Homes design is less expensive to maintain and much healthier in the long run. And isn’t the health of your family worth the investment?

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