J. Patrick Homes Wins Energy Awards for Consecutive Years

It’s not enough to build beautiful homes in top neighborhoods, today’s homes must also be energy efficient, comfortable and economical to operate. For the last two years, J. Patrick Homes has won awards for adhering to home building programs that maximize energy efficiency and savings. Building homes to be energy efficient is a priority at J. Patrick Homes. The 2017 Excellence in Energy Award from CenterPoint Energy singled out J. Patrick Homes for having the highest increase in energy efficiency among builders participating in its High Efficiency Homes (HEH) program. J. Patrick homes were, on average, 28.5% more energy efficient than homes built to the standard Texas building code. In 2017 and 2018, J. Patrick Homes earned awards for energy savings under the prestigious Entergy Solutions High-Performance Home (HPH) program. The HPH program outlines energy-saving solutions that, if followed by the homebuilder, will improve energy-efficiency and lower operating costs for the homeowner. The energy performance achieved by J. Patrick Homes saved an average of 5,590kilowatt hours per home annually, compared to homes built to the Texas code. That’s anannual average savings of $447, based on an average electricity costof $0.08 per kilowatt hour.J. Patrick Homes Energy Efficiency Features• Highly efficient windows with low solar heat gain coefficients• R-38 attic insulation• LED lighting• 16 SEER air conditioning systems

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