What’s New in Kitchen Design Trends 2024

Long gone are the days when kitchens were tucked away from the living areas — now they are front and center, serving as places where guests gather and families connect. And that means the ideal kitchen is both functional and beautiful. Going into 2024, kitchen design is all about warmth and ease of use, with a little bit of flair thrown in. Here are some top kitchen design trends 2024 that you’re sure to see:

Wood Is Back
In a move to incorporate more nature into a home’s design (biophilic design), kitchen cabinets are adopting wood tones rather than painted cabinets — particularly stark white cabinets. When paint is used, colors trend to soft whites or bold colors — perhaps for the kitchen island only. You might also see a mix of wood and painted cabinets, with wood on top or bottom for kitchen designs 2024.

Going Green
Another nod to biophilic design is the use of the color green — anywhere from kitchen cabinets to accessory items to houseplants.

Who Doesn’t Like a Little Bit of Gold?
The growing popularity of gold hardware — either matte, satin or brushed — is another attempt to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen for kitchen design 2024.

Beverage Stations
Coffee makers are becoming statement pieces in a kitchen as family baristas experiment with different types of coffee. Give the coffee maker its own built-in space. Love starting your day with a smoothie? Create a convenient, easy-to-access space for your mixer and glassware.

Easy-to-Clean Is the Way to Go
Quartz is increasingly becoming the material of choice for kitchen countertops because of its beauty, durability and ease of cleaning. Also trending for the same reasons is the use of solid surface backsplashes.

Getting Creative
Enjoy your kitchen design trends 2024 by selecting an interesting vent hood — wood, stainless steel, unique shape — and statement lighting over your kitchen island. Find lighting fixtures you love? Think about going one size larger for real impact.

A Final Word on Storage
We saved the best for last! Having plenty of kitchen cabinets is an idea that has been trending for a while, but storage solutions are getting smarter every year. Here are some of our favorites:

• Pull-out trash cans
• Cutlery drawer for everyday utensils and specialty pieces
• Corner cabinets instead of lazy Susans
• Cookie sheet and cutting board dividers
• Pull-out spice drawers
• Deep drawers for pots and pans

Do you have other ideas of what says “dream kitchen” to you? Let us know! When you build with J. Patrick Homes, you get the power to personalize, so having your dream kitchen is as simple as letting us know what you want.

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