Get Cozy with 2024 Living Room Trends

Cozy is the watchword when it comes to design trends for family rooms. This year’s trends be focusing on eclectic décor, warm color palettes and lots of layering. The goal? To create a comfortable, welcoming living space celebrating your personal aesthetic. Here are a few living room design trends we think you will love:

Eclectic Decor

You won’t be seeing a lot of flat-pack, minimalistic furniture this year for living room design trends. No single vase on a decorator table. This year it’s all about maximalism, eclecticism and authenticity. Interior designers suggest embracing a mix of antiques, family heirlooms and comfortable furniture pieces. Your living room should be less a showpiece than a story about your family. Think family photos, children’s art and grandma’s end tables.

Warm and Welcoming

Sterility in the form of cool greys and stark whites is out. Coming in warm are neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites, rich browns and tans. In addition to being earthy, these colors welcome family and guests alike into the room. If you prefer fewer neutral shades, choose paint colors with warm undertones such as blue with a yellow undertone.

Layered Texture

Making your family room inviting can also be achieved by layering various textures. You will add depth and interest to the room while projecting a homey feel. Walls are a great place to start. Opt for accent walls using materials such as shiplap or brick. Use soft furnishings with a mix of patterns, as well as rugs and drapes in similar colors for a chic look.

Multi-purpose Zones

Family rooms are set to become the workhorses of 2024 as families choose to spend more time together doing different activities. A multi-purpose zone might include a central seating area, desk and game table. Another might feature a play area for young children and homework center for teens.

Smart Spaces

The smart home trend continues with the family room being the focal point of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Digital assistants will receive upgrades that make interacting with them feel more natural. You will be able to control your television and thermostat with voice controls rather than an app.

Subdued Lighting

The trend is toward natural lighting during the day and more subdued lighting at night. Concealed LED lights will be more prevalent as homeowners move away from bulky lamps.


Homeowners will continue to embrace sustainability in interior design. Many people will be shopping for furniture at antique stores or second-hand shops. Others will be raiding the family attic for heirlooms. Homeowners will also be spying out local artisans who can create bespoke furniture and textiles from sustainable materials.

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