Meeting J. Patrick Homes Was a Stroke of Good Luck for Amaya Painting

J. Patrick Homes is celebrating 30 years of exceptional homebuilding this year, and many of the people who worked with the company in its early days are still there today. Here’s a look at one who was there early on and is still there today — Amaya Painting

1992 was a big year for Jesus Amaya.

It was the year his son, Jesus Amaya, Jr., was born. It was also the year his company — Amaya Painting — first contracted with J. Patrick Homes.

Both the son and his continued relationship with J. Patrick Homes are thriving.

Junior works alongside his father, starting with the company in 2014.

“It’s a great experience working with your father,” he said. “You learn so much. And you’re working with your best friend.”

The company paints all the new homes in J. Patrick’s north Houston communities, and they are there from the beginning of a project to the very end.

“Painting is really a five-step process,” Junior said. “You paint the exterior, paint the interior, do touch-ups and get ready for carpet, get the home ready for the buyer to inspect and then do the final touch-ups requested by the buyer.

“We are first in and last out.”

Keeping a smooth schedule is key to meeting the many deadlines involved in the painting process, Junior says, and that is never a worry with J. Patrick.

“Everything is organized,” he said. “When they say something is ready to go, it’s ready to go.”

Over the years, Jesus and his son have developed a close relationship with the J. Patrick team, becoming good friends with Project Manager Joe Matlega, who Junior says he’s known since he was 8 years old. And while other builders have come and gone, J. Patrick Homes has been a lifeline.

“I hope we keep working with J. Patrick Homes as long as they have us,” Jesus said. “And as long as they are here, we’ll be there for them.”

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