The Yeppez Family Go Bigger and Better with J. Patrick Homes

J. Patrick Homes has sold thousands of homes during its 30+ history. We’re taking a moment to speak with J. Patrick buyers to see why J. Patrick Homes is the builder for them.

After working, schooling and essentially spending lots more time at home last year, Ricardo and Lynn Yeppez realized that a family of seven needed more space — a lot more space.

The couple decided to move from their Cypress home of 20 years, beginning their search for a new, larger home last December. Preferring a move-in ready home, they visited J. Patrick Homes in Woodtrace, but opted for other homes at first.

“It’s hard to fall in love with drywall,” Ricardo said.

But during the search process, the family kept returning to Woodtrace. And when the two contracts they put on other homes fell through, the J. Patrick home in Woodtrace was nearly complete. Ricardo and Lynn didn’t hesitate.

“The home was more and more completed every time we visited,” Ricardo said. “And this home had everything we wanted.”

The must-have list included a home office, three-car garage, game room and media room for family movie nights. In all, the Yeppez family ended up with an additional 2,000 square feet over their old home in Cypress.

“Everyone has their own space now, but we can still come together as a family,” he said.

Lynn especially likes the kitchen with a large island open to the family room that makes conversing and entertaining easy. The garage is large enough to accommodate bikes, sports equipment and cars — something not possible at their old home. And Ricardo, who now works primarily from home, can close the door to his office when needed. There’s also a big backyard where the kids — ranging in age from 18 to 2 — can play. The neighborhood is nice, too, Ricardo says, with hardly any traffic.

Cementing the idea that they made the right decision to go with J. Patrick Homes was working with Sales Professional Charlie Gayle.

“Charlie was on point every step,” Ricardo said. “He walked us through the home slowly, showing us everything we needed to know. At no point in the process did I feel alone.”

Gayle also helped them make small customizations, even though the home was mostly finished when they contracted the home.

“He asked us if we wanted to change anything to make this more our home,” Ricardo said. “He and J. Patrick Homes were very accommodating.”

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